Monthly Archives: July 2011

i’m a youtuber, yall

So… remember how I talked about Baby’s First Home Improvement Project? Yeah, well this might trump it: Baby’s First YouTube Upload. I’m embarrassed to say (considering the fact that I’m a social media professional), I did not have a YouTube … Continue reading

copycraft: wine cork letters

Okay friends, it’s official. I’ve got the bug. (Sorry, that’s a little misleading. I’m not sick, nor have I actually captured a bug in my midst because, let’s be honest, that’s very difficult and my hand-eye coordination is never really … Continue reading

happy birthday, take two

Quick disclaimer: Mom, if you’re reading this, I know you well. Do yourself a favor and grab a tissue.  I honestly debated even writing this post because it occurred to me that any meaningful words I’m able to string together … Continue reading