Monthly Archives: August 2011

i’m a skeeter, not a milly

Photo from So I just returned home from seeing The Help. I have not read the book, so going into the movie I didn’t really know what to expect beyond the obvious deductions I was able to make about the … Continue reading

copycraft: our adventure map

Another mission, accomplished. Hooray! This has to be some sort of record. Really. I’ve had this map project in my craft queue for-EVER (note: this is a mental queue and not an actual thing of existence like a Netflix queue. However, … Continue reading

elevators are awkward

…And in this installment of Caroline Over-Analyzes A Situation So Much She Makes It Awkward, we’ll be talking about elevators. Right, I get it, not exactly the post you were hoping for after a three-week hiatus, but we’ve had a … Continue reading