Monthly Archives: June 2012

an unapologetic confession of my love for the bachelorette

One of the great many guilty pleasures of my life is the quality television program known as The Bachelorette… or as I like to call it, The Every-Woman’s-Fantasy-World-Tour-Of-Dates-With-Hot-Eye-Candy-And-A-Side-Of-Maybe-Possibly-Falling-In-Love-Under-The-Intense-Pressure-Of-24-7-Camera-Supervision-Ette. (How they didn’t go with that title I’ll never know.) Really though, please … Continue reading

copycraft: diy paint chip art

How about a quick, down and dirty DIY for your Monday morning? Sorry I left you guys hanging a bit last week with just one post, but it was one of those crazy busy haze-of-a-week weeks. Lots of work fires … Continue reading

studio makeover: phase 1

We finally broke ground this weekend on my new craft room studio! (When I say ‘broke ground’ I really just mean painted. There was no breaking of ground involved, but I’ve always just loved that phrase. It seems so official and … Continue reading