Monthly Archives: August 2012

a little change of scenery

I think this place could use some brightening up, what’dya think? Hopefully before too long this place will get a fresh coat of paint and be easier to navigate. And best of all, it’s my very own design! Can’t wait … Continue reading

copycraft: faux metal letters diy

I’m aware this is out of focus. Pretend it’s artistic. I think we’ve all probably seen the whole big letter/words trend popping up in interior design. Even before this was all of over the place I’ve always gravitated toward projects … Continue reading

i have a new boyfriend…

….He’s 44lbs lighter and 15% less body fat. 90 days ago my boyfriend Jason made a promise to get back in shape and start feeling better. I went along for the ride and we both have completely changed our lifestyles. … Continue reading