Monthly Archives: February 2013

design trend / art deco oscar night

Okay, you guys know I don’t write fashion posts. It’s just not my thing. However, you know what IS my thing? Design patterns. I wouldn’t consider myself a “trendspotter” by ANY stretch of the imagination, but ironically I do kind … Continue reading

work it / personal finance with help from google (+ free downloads!)

Work It is a new biweekly series of Monday morning posts I’ll be trying out focused on productivity. I’ve found that being more organized often makes me happier because I feel like I can get more done. If I can find … Continue reading

diy gift idea / ‘heart hunt’

I’m not gonna lie to you guys, this DIY might be a little too cheesy for some of you. However, after a quick “Is this a dumb idea?” poll among friends, I decided it was worth sharing. Admittedly, I’m a … Continue reading