A little about me…

This is the part where I’m supposed to tell you who I am. But I gotta be honest with you, I pretty much detest having to describe myself in any sort of condensed version. It just feels so… restrictive. As if you’re going to walk away thinking that ALL there is to me are the words I choose to write here. Can you say PRESSURE?

Well for now let’s just start with the fact that I’m a little bit neurotic, highly over-analytical, and arguably hyper-emotional. But, I feel (or perhaps hope) that these things are somehow outweighed by my self-deprecating humor, carefree disposition and passionate affinity for all things fun and happy.

If you want someone that in one single evening conversation can contemplate the meaning of life, tell an inappropriate joke (possible bathroom humor included), discuss typography and design with extreme vigor, and relive her favorite Nickelodeon and/or Disney Channel shows from childhood, let’s just say that girl is me. What can I say, I’m a regular Renaissance woman.

I also happen to date a wonderfully wacky man named Jason who started a business wearing t-shirts for a living and recently sold the rights to his last name for a year. Oh, and I work for him too. After nearly two years in the advertising/social media field at agencies, I figured I could do pretty much the same thing but work from our home office on a crazy business that I’m incredibly passionate about. No commute, plus I get to wear PJs to work. (Just kidding, I don’t wear pajamas to work. Just kidding, I TOTALLY DO.)

A little about this blog…

I started CCH in May of 2011 because a) as you’ll find out, there are A LOT of thoughts swirling around my head at any given moment and I thought it would be fun to document my various ramblings and life theories and because b) I have always loved the process of writing and I wanted a way to keep myself accountable to doing it on a more regular basis.

After a rather erratic start, it wasn’t really until April of 2011 that I made the commitment to post more often and take more pride in the place I was starting to develop. It wasn’t long after that I discovered an entire world of creative, smart, inspiring women (and men! but let’s be honest, mostly women) who also loved this thing called blogging.

Since then I have tried to continually evolve this place, and it has now grown to be a very fulfilling part of my life. When I get a text or email or comment or tweet that lets me know my words have somehow resonated with someone out there – be it friends, family, or strangers – it gives me a feeling of happiness that I can’t describe. My only hope is that sharing my experiences and thoughts will somehow lead others to their own personal growth. It’s why I continue to write, and why I love it so dearly.

Why “clumsy crafty happy?”…

Really clever name, right? (That’s my sarcasm for those of you not accustomed to my writing. It happens a lot around here.)

When I decided I was finally going to start a blog, I thought for days and days about what I wanted to name it. I wrote down title after title in my notebook – things I thought perfectly represented me or what I wanted to write about – but none of them seemed right. Finally, it occurred to me that in an effort to come up with the “perfect” name for my blog, I was actually delaying the very thing I was trying to accomplish: start a blog. So, as a temporary place holder, I thought to myself, What are three words I would use to describe myself?

My answer: Clumsy. Crafty. Happy.

It’s funny how something so simple and arbitrary has turned into something so meaningful and fitting. Over time, I began to realize that everything I wanted to write about sort of fell into three distinct buckets. I wanted to tell people about my everyday life, as imperfect and goofy as it may sometimes be. I call this the “clumsy.” I wanted to share my latest craft projects and creative endeavors, as making things has always been an outlet of mine. This is, of course, the “crafty.” And I wanted – probably most of all – to share my endless pursuit of self-improvement, self-growth, and self-discovery, as I try to unearth what truly brings me joy and contentment. This is the “happy.”

As un-clever and un-pithy as the title may be, it’s stuck because I feel it is a representation not only of what this blog is about, but also of what I’m about: being yourself, creating joy, and uncovering happiness. Not to mention it remains a reminder that our infatuation with “perfect” is often the thing that prevents us from actually accomplishing our goals.

If this all sounds like something you might enjoy, feel free to stick around for a while. You’ll fit right in.

(I also LOVE hearing from readers, so if you’ve somehow stumbled upon my corner of the internet, please PLEASE say hello! You can find me on facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, or… good old fashioned e-mail at clumsycraftyhappy[at]gmail[dot]com.)

  • http://www.spindows.com/ Clay Hebert

    Love the new site design, Caroline! It’s perfect. I’m looking forward to hanging out with you and J even more in 2013. #stayclumsy #staycrafty #stayhappy

    • http://clumsycraftyhappy.blogspot.com Caroline

      That means a ton coming from you, Clay! Thanks! And I’m definitely looking forward to it to. You guys doing sxsw I’m assuming?

  • http://www.tastymisfit.com melissaleon

    Caroline this is beautiful! Are you a web designer too?