Let me beautify your blog!

Are you thinking about starting a blog or have one already but need some design help to make it truly your own? Excellent, because I can help!

I know how personal a blog can be, and I think everyone deserves to share their thoughts in a place that they like to visit themselves each day. That’s why I’ve developed a passion for helping other people express themselves through design!

I’m completely self-taught but I have devoted hours and hours to honing my design skills. If you want someone to beautify your blog, but you don’t necessarily have the funds to pay someone at the design school rate, let’s chat. I designed this blog from scratch and would love to create a place for you that speaks to your personal identity.

If you’re interested at all, just shoot me an email – clumsycraftyhappy[at]gmail[dot]com – and I’d be happy to let you know if I’m able to take on any freelance clients!