saying goodbye to clumsy crafty happy

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Welp, friends, it is the end of an era to say the least. Today I’m saying goodbye to this little corner of the internet, my first blog and the first step in my self-made journey, clumsy crafty happy.

You all have been so incredible over the two and half years that I’ve been writing. Your emails, texts, comments, likes and shares have meant the world to me because it has meant that bearing my soul here has made just a small difference in the world.

When I started this blog, it was simply out of an unshakeable need I had inside to unleash my creativity. I posted about my ever-wandering mind, my personal life, DIY-project attempts, and, most importantly, my search for personal happiness. Looking back, it’s clear that the past few years have really have been about listening to my inner voice. About really trying to understand what brings me joy and in turn doing more of that.

But then, about eight months ago now, I experienced a huge shift in my psyche. I attended a conference put on my Misfit friends, AJ and Melissa Leon, in Fargo, ND. I left so inspired, but in a different way than ever before. There is a kind of inspiration where you’re left dreaming a little bigger, feeling your potential a little more, and then there is the kind of inspiration where you feel unstoppably compelled to action. This was the latter. It was as if in the course of one weekend I moved from a phase of acknowledgement (knowing my happiness and understanding it) and into a phase of action (feeling determined to make something happen from that understanding.)

From that point on, I started creating all the time. I became enthralled with hand-lettering, something I had actually been doing my whole life but never recognizing as a talent or skill. I started taking on more design projects and taking online classes to try out different techniques. It was infectious.

Then, in August of last year, I found myself in an interesting position. I had the opportunity to transition into freelance design full-time. It was terrifying and exhilarating to suddenly be in full control of my income and daily routine. I learned a ton of hard lessons in self-discipline, business management and my own creative process. And now I’ve emerged with a better sense of how to run my freelance business and bigger goals for 2014.

With that, though, I felt it was finally time to create a brand that could grow with my professional and personal pursuits. A place to house my various creative endeavors with an updated look that speaks to my distinct aesthetic (that I feel I am finally discovering!)

I’ve been working around the clock over the holidays to launch this new brand and web presence. Caroline Kelso Design (my portfolio site) and clumsy crafty happy (this blog) will officially be retiring and will be rolled up into this new identity. I’ll be blogging a lot more again, which I think is one of the things I’m most excited about.

My Facebook page for clumsy crafty happy will still exist (with a slight makeover of course) and that’s where you can find out all the latest on the new update tomorrow.

Thanks again to all of you following along. Every one of you has contributed to this journey, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.

Here’s to new beginnings!

  • cindy brown

    I have to tell you thank you for all the great info over the years!!! I am so excited to see what you have in store!!!! I know it going to be epic and I am inspirited by what you are doing!!! thank you!!!